You were here today
- A Daughter's Legacy from the Other Side

"Thank you Mollie. Everything you share (in your book) is so real and true and I could feel Susie hugging me again! Words are never enough but your love was...and is. Bless you."
—Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.
Author of "Love, Medicine & Miracles"

"A beautifully written account of a remarkable young woman. It is sure to help those who face illness or loss and are seeking to grow with the mind, body and spirit."
Glen Warner, M.D., Holistic Oncologist, Immunologist

"A real gift to someone who has cancer and faces the fear of death. It's a living legacy, full of light and brightness."
—Kay A. Clark, Cancer Patient

"A very interesting, insightful and touching book."
—Patrick McGrady, Founder and Director of CANHELP

by Rebecca Mercille, Spiral Journey

Mollie Swope has written a book about transition. The learning process that we go through when we are forced to let go of someone dear, and the realization that we gain in knowing that nothing is ever lost, or gone. It has only changed form. This book is a celebration of Mollie's daughter, Susie, and a journey beyond the physical into the realm of Love. This is a book about life...and life beyond the physical life. It's a healing tool, very inspirational.

Mollie shared their family's intimate story of the trials and tribulations of their personal fight against Susie's cancer. Through this process, a deep understanding of life's purpose and meaning emerges, a meaning that goes far beyond the physical. A relationship that began at birth, continues today as a legacy from the other side. This is a very inspirational book, that I would highly recommend to anyone.


You were here today is about teaching perspectives on life, not death. It is about a daughter insistently teaching the grace that comes with love, acceptance and forgiveness and it is about a mother's healing from an unthinkable loss. It is a spiritual quest toward wholeness and the wonder of our connection with the other side.

This book is about one of life's most impossible experiences, the loss of a child. It was written to honor Susan (Susie) Swope, from birth to her passing at twenty-two from cancer, and her powerful spirit which continues to communicate and teach ther parents and friends from the "other side."

In a world filled with constant loss, we are asked to find our way to healing and meaning. Mollie Swope has walked this difficult journey and received the strength to reach through boundaries that once defined her life. She writes of the after-life communication with her daughter and the peace she found in receiving the confirmation that her daughter IS. She honors her daughter's life and her own journey. She writes that we are here to heal even the most devastating losses; we are more supported that we know. Through example, Susie asked her mother to live with courage and love and forced her to confront her fears of death and surrender them. Susie's message, "Life is so much bigger than you know and so are you," shines through. As one of Susie's friends wrote after reading the book, "It's about light." The reader will experience, through Mollie and Susie, that we change and grow, but we do not end. Our thoughts, words and intentions have powerful meanings in our lives; we are given partial vision, and asked to trust and believe the unknown and unseen. Perhaps that is why learning "here" can be so important, because it asks us to look beyond the physical. "It asks us to be more than we think we are."

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