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- A Daughter's Legacy from the Other Side


ISBN 1-877809-86-1
US $12.95 ($16 incl. Shipping & Tax)
Parkplace Publications

Her message, "Life is so much bigger than you know and so are you," shines through. This book is also about finding love and joy amidst one of life's most impossible experiences, the loss of a child. It was written to honor Susan (Susie) Swope, from birth to her passing at age twenty-two, and her communication from the "Other Side" still occurring today.

"Thank you Mollie. Everything you share (in your book) is so real and true and I could feel Susie hugging me again! Words are never enough but your love was...and is. Bless you."
—Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.
Author of "Love, Medicine & Miracles"

"A wonderful, joyful and important book. Without a doubt parents and others who have experienced a significant death will find this book helpful."
—Eva Shaw, Ph.D.
Author of "What To Do When A Loved One Dies"


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